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Meet the Photographer:

Daniel Biggs

I grew up in La Grande, Oregon and it was there I grew a love for the outdoors.  My dad gave me a Nikon 35mm camera and I began filming nature.  Loving photography, and wanting to know more, I eventually enrolled myself into the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated with a Commercial  Photography degree.  I was able to intern for some well-known photographers and had some incredible photography assignments while in Seattle.   I eventually landed in Bend, Oregon where I started using video to record my outdoor adventures.  With the help of some friends, we created a local fly fishing TV show called, "The Art of Lake Fly Fishing".  From there I made my way to Walla Walla where I met my wife, Robin and worked for the local TV station, Blue Mountain TV, there I continued to produce local TV programs.  Over the years working at the TV station, I was able to gather and learn all the different aspects surrounding video, audio, editing, and videography. 


In March of 2023, I decided to start my own photo and video production business, NW Image Pro.  Sincere thanks goes to my family, especially my wife Robin, and my mother and father, whose unconditional support has been instrumental in making my dream a reality.


My diverse experience in both natural settings as well as the human-side of photography, allows me to bring a unique offering to the table for my clients. Using my education from the Art Institute along with my experience in photography, I can offer creative imagery that goes beyond the average photographer.


My goal is to give my clients a personal experience fitting their individual needs and deliver exceptional imagery that is unique to them.  If you have any photo or video needs, please reach out to me at or you can call or text me at:  509-540-6695.  Let’s talk about what you are looking for and how we can create it together.  My commitment is to be a professional, a joy to work

with, and a positive asset to our community and beyond.  Feel free to contact me any time.  



“Secret Life of the Forest:  The Northern Blues” 

“Secret Life of the Desert:  Deserts of the Pacific Northwest”

“A Quiet Place”

“Simply Amazing Health”

“The Art of Lake Fly Fishing”, Bend, Oregon



“The 1919 Walla Walla Tractor Show", Client:  Blue Mountain Land Trust

"Lick Creek Fire - Fuels Treatment Success", U.S. Forest Service

"The Snake River Salmon Recovery Board", Snake River Salmon Recovery Board

I've also been a director of videography for some of Fort Walla Walla's videos

Lick Creek Fire - Fuels Treatment Success

PHOTOGRAPHY INSTRUCTOR – Quest Program, Walla Walla Community College


Over 5 years at Blue Mountain Television, Walla Walla, WA



Associate of Arts in Commercial Photography 

From the Art Institute of Seattle


3-Time Telly Award winner,

“The 1919 Walla Walla Tractor Show”

(Announced May 2020)

Bronze – “Historical Documentary” category

Bronze – “Use of Archival Footage” category

“Secret Life of the Forest:  The Northern Blue Mountains”

(Announced May 2019)

Bronze – “Educational” category

3-time Telly Award winner.
Portrait of Daniel Biggs, professional photographer and TV show producer.
Photo of Daniel Biggs and his wife, Robin at the Painted Hills.
Portrait of Daniel Biggs, professional photographer and TV show producer.
Portrait of Daniel Biggs, professional photographer and TV show producer.

"If anyone needs professional photography done in the Walla Walla Valley, contact Daniel Biggs for any of your needs. He does amazing shots as well as whatever yours needs consist of and will also do advertising footage for your business."

-Nick Baumann

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